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On the Eve of Darkness Front Cover :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 2 0 Happy Hallowe'en :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 1 4 Batman: Hero of Darkness Logo :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 2 0 Jason Todd Cosplay :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 1 0 Batman Anime Teasr (REDUX) :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 1 0 Batman: The Anime Teaser :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 2 2 Azrael's Valentine :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 1 0
My Idea for an Inheritance Cycle Anime
Inheritance Anime Idea
Anime Studios- Studio Pierrot/Funimation(Dubbing)
Directors- Hayato Date, Masahiko Murata, Yasunori Ebina, Takashi Hashimoto
Writers- Daisuke Watanabe, Masashi Sogo, Masahiro Obuko, Natsuko Takahasi, Ookobo Masahiro
Producers- Noriko Kobayashi, Shuhei Morita, Satoru Nishizono,
Editors- Atsuko, Nakajima, Seiji Morita, Atsuki Shimizu, Shingo Natsume, Norio Matsumoto
Animators/Artists- Tetsuya Nishio(Characters), Kazuhiro Miwa(Creatures), Motosuke Takahasi(Background)
Voice Actors
Eragon- Bryce Papenbrook
Saphira- Laura Bailey
Brom- Sean Schemmel
Roran- Todd Haberkorn
Murtagh- Eric Vale
Thorn- Micach Solusod
Garrow- Chris Cason
Horst- Mike MacFarland
Sloan- Sonny Strait
Katrina- Meredith McCoy
Angela- Kara Edwards
Solembum- Brittany Karbowski
Jeod- Brice Armstrong
Elva- Monica Rial
Hrothgar- Dameon Clarke
Orik- Phil Parsons
Ajihad- Justin Cook
Arya- Caitlin Glass
Firnen- John Gremillion
Nasuada- Wendy Powell
The Twins- Chris Patton
Oromis- Doc Morgan
Glaedr- Kyle He
:iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 0 4
Spiderman: Path of a Hero
Universe/Setting- Marvel Cinematic Universe/After Age of Ultron
Chapter 1- Along came a Spider
Parker Residence- September 12th 2014. Time- 7:30 AM
Waking up in the early hours of the morning isn’t fun, even if you’re a science geek. Peter shuffled up and slipped out of bed, promptly hitting his face on the floor in the process.
“Uhhh.” He groaned trying to pick himself up. “Why did I think it was a good idea to set my alarm this early?”
After getting dressed (and looking sloppy), Peter stumbled downstairs. There, he saw his uncle, Ben Parker, making breakfast. Ben took one good look at him and laughed.
“Was a tornado in your room or something?” he asked.
“Really? You’re doing this now?” Peter responded with a glare.
“C’mon, Pete, where’s your sense of humour? Anyway the news is on, thought you’d might like to see it.”
Peter took a chair and dragged himself as close to the TV as he could. Th
:iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 1 0
Batman The Anime: Batman (Mark II) :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 1 0 Last Days of Heroes: Adam :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 0 0 Batman The Anime: Batman (Mark I) :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 2 0 Batman: Hero of Darkness- Bruce Wayne :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 2 0 Batman Anime: Ra's Al Ghul :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 2 0 Valentine's Day 2015! :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 1 0 Zorro (Disney Style) :iconthundergoku:ThunderGoku 0 0


Noctis Lucis Caelum FF13Versus :iconelintan:ElinTan 475 121 + Noctis Lucis Caelum + :iconelintan:ElinTan 977 192 Noctis Lucis Caelum :iconelintan:ElinTan 1,954 298 DRAGONBALL SUPER : Bulma Briefs :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 786 41 DC GIRLS: Black Canary :iconjadenkaiba:jadenkaiba 1,026 30 (DBS) Bulma 2 :iconindofaon:INDOFAON 31 7 Evolution of the Saiyans - Super Saiyan God Goku :iconlightningbase:LightningBase 33 9 Supergirl :iconhaining-art:Haining-art 571 6 Overkill Superman Design :iconharseik:Harseik 773 46 Justice League :iconjprart:JPRart 3,410 349 Superman :iconhaining-art:Haining-art 1,419 47 Impossible LOV3 ver.3 :iconmarcbrunet:MarcBrunet 66,552 5,027 Harry Potter - Double Date :iconjehanaruto:jehanaruto 587 70 -lick lick- :iconshad0w-chan:shad0w-chan 74 35 Hp Ladies :iconamigo12:Amigo12 23 14 Fred And George's Professor :iconstaypee:staypee 232 19



On the Eve of Darkness Front Cover
After reading Final Fantasy: On the Eve of Darkness, I knew that I had to make a front cover for this story. Xenomorph really brings the characters and the world to life, even more so than original game. This is a really good fanfiction and I highly recommend it!

Link to the fanfiction:…

Final Fantasy (c) Square Enix
On the Eve of Darkness (c) Xenomorph
Happy Hallowe'en
Hey all, just wanted to wish you a Happy Hallowe'en! Have fun, stay safe and bring out the monster in you!
Batman: Hero of Darkness- Bruce Wayne
Re-worked version of Bruce Wayne, first in my "Batman The Anime" project 

Background: Bruce Wayne is the billionaire "playboy", Prince of Gotham who has the honour of managing his father's company: Wayne Enterprises. However, unknown to most of the city, he has a pretty dark secret; when night falls and criminals rise, he fights hard to protect the citizens as the crime fighting vigilante; Batman!

Batman characters (c) DC Comics
Batman: Hero of Darkness Logo
My Batman Anime project finally has a name: Hero of Darkness. Not the most creative, I know but I thought it fit Batman's MO of being in the shadows, scaring of the criminals and the corrupt. If an Anime adaptation was to be made of Batman, this is the title I'd go with. Hope you guys enjoy!

Batman (C) DC Comics

Made with DeviantArt muro
Since there's so much I wanna do, I have an announcement. My fan art work will be only for occasional uploads. I want to try and focus more on my original work. I want to get my "Last Days of Heroes" manga back in production and for that reason, I'll only be uploading my fan art on occasions only (one month will be dedicated to fan art). So yeah, I just wanted to get that off my chest. See ya soon.
Milton "Bill" Finger was originally a shoesalesman in Colorado who long dreamed of becoming a writer. By chance, he met a Detective Comics employee at a party.  This man was known as Bob Kane and offered him a job ghost-writing for him. Bill agreed and his career as a writer began to unfold.
In 1938, after writing a few comics with Bob Kane, superheroes began to appear as "next big thing". National Allied Publications brought Superman onto the market and Detective was keen to get onto the action. Bob saw his chance and sketched a potential superhero for him and Bill to use in a story. The character had blonde hair, a domino mask, bright red suit and stiff bat wings with the name "The Bat-Man" underneath. Bill looked at the drawing but thought that it looked way too similar to Superman. He suggested changes that would give birth to the Batman that we have come to know and love such as a grey suit, black cape and a cowl featuring bat ears. With the changes in place, Bill and Bob began to write and draw stories for Detective Comics in 1939, which featured the debut of Batman.
With the character becoming so popular, he was later given his own series and whole host of characters soon to follow. Bill created much of Batman's rogue's gallery including The Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, Scarecrow and Two-Face. Other characters included Robin, Commissioner James Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's secret identity Bruce Wayne and with the help of 17 year old Jerry Robinson, The Joker. He even created the city of Gotham, the Batcave and even the Batmobile! He was also the one to write the famous origin story that we know and love.

So if this guy created so much, why has next to no one heard of him? Well, when Detective Comics became DC Comics, Bob Kane signed all the rights to Batman in exchange for SOLE credit. This meant that Bob Kane would be the only one to receive the credit for all the creations and none of the co-creators would, not even Bill Finger. Such a practice was common in those days so no one really made a big deal about it up until the later years. Most of the co-creators such as Sheldon Moldoff, Gardener Fox and Jerry Robinson later received credit for their creations and stories but Bill Finger still received nothing. During the 60s, Bill tried to get his name as the co-creator of Batman heard but to no avail. In 1974, Bill Finger tragically died of natural causes and no one but his family and friends knew of the contributions he made to DC and Batman.

DC were more than willing to give Bill his credit and desperately wanted to but because of the contract made with Bob Kane, they legally couldn't, until now. Working with Athena Finger, Bill's descendant, DC were finally able to give Bill his deserved credit after 76 years. The great injustice has finally been corrected.

Hope you enjoyed the info. :)


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Arun Dey
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Hello everybody of Deviantart! My name's Arun. I've been drawing ever since I could remember. My speciality is Cartoons and Anime. I hope you enjoy my work. Peace!


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